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We built this 1935 Buick during the late sixties

My 1933 Buick 57 Series basket case is supposed to look like this one

Went cruisin in this 1951 Super 88 Olds Convertible
When last seen many many years ago the 51 Olds had a louvered hood with a 54 chevrolet grill and was painted in brown primer.  The hood and deck were both leaded-in and the interior was a brown and white vinyl, tucked and rolled.

Have you seen this car? I would sure like to hear from you if you know anything about it.
If I could find it, I'd trade my 442 for it.(below)   Please contact Gene at: or 406.849-5459

1969 Oldsmobile 442 convertible

      And I had this 56 Oldsmobile Super 88 when I got married.

My 1971 Lincoln Mark III is FOR SALE
This car has a rebuilt engine and transmission, new tires, and is in good condition overall.    However, it does need some minor cosmetics.    A shop manual, original owners manual and literature, along with some miscellaneous parts are included.
$3500. Or best offer

An Incredible tale about a 1947 Cadillac

1956                     2000

In 1956 while living in Great Falls, Montana
I acquired a 1947 2door Cadillac Fastback. It was like new and in excellent condition. The bottom was gray and the top was a creamy white. I enjoyed it for most of that year and have a number of special memories concerning it. However, I sold the car late in that same year because, as I remember it, I weighed about 120 pounds and it required a 135 pound person to steer it. No power steering in the 47 Caddy.

Anyway, I got married a few years later and moved away. Over the years the memory of the car flashed in my mind a number of times, usually when I saw other cars that reminded me of it. Having criss-crossed the country many times and having lived in quite a few different states, I can't really say that I've actually seen more than one or two of these cars in all these years.

In 1991 we moved back to Montana and acquired a small campground at Lake Mary Ronan near Kalispell. This place requires my full attention and it is a rare occasion if I leave here during the summer months. But on June 10th, of 2000 it was necessary to go to town to pickup supplies. While there we drove by the fairground and saw that there was an antique car show and swap-meet going on and decided to take a quick peek. As we entered the swap area I saw this rusty hulk of a fastback 47 Caddy sitting on a trailer near the fence. I noticed immediately that the lower section was at one time a dark gray and it appeared that the top was a light color just like mine.

When I got to the rear of the car and looked at the license plate I said "Oh Nooo". The rusty old plate had exactly the county number for Great Falls and the last year it was licensed was 1956, the year I sold mine. Could it really be my old Caddy? The same model year, the same body style, the same colors, the same county and the last time it was licensed was the year I got rid of it. It just had to be the car I had as a teenager many years earlier. This was truly unbelieveable. I said to my buddy Don "If this is my old Caddy, I'll bet you something happened to it right after I sold it and it's been sitting behind a barn on a ranch somewhere for the last 44 years."

I began to panic. I didn't need another car. I already had several antique cars in various states of disrepair and my wife would kill me if I brought another one home. Of course I've been killed several times before by her for this very reason. But this one was special and I just had to have it. The search for the owner of the car began immediately. He was described as being tall and wearing bib overalls. Ouch! This was a fairground in Montana and practically every third person I saw was wearing bib overalls. After searching for about an hour and asking practically everyone, I located a friend who knew the the guy.

George gave me this guys name and said he lived in Columbia Falls, which is a little North and East of Kalispell. For the next several hours and late into the evening I kept calling, but to no avail. Finally, about 11:00 PM he answered and said he had been at an auction some miles away and had just walked in the door. I told him that I'd seen the Caddy at the fairgrounds and was interested in it. I didn't tell him that I thought it was the car I had previously owned. Trying desperately to suppress my excitement and anxiety I calmly asked him to tell me about it's history.

I could hardly believe what he then said. His words were "I purchased the car about a year and a half ago at a ranch auction in Power, Montana, a little town North of Great Falls. The Caddy had been sitting behind the barn for the last 44 years." He also said that in 1956 one of the boys wrecked the mother's 1941 Cadillac, so they went to Great Falls to obtain parts. They found the 47 in a wrecking yard. Believing that the parts would fit the 41 they bought the whole car. Of course the parts would not interchange so they parked it behind the barn where it sat until the auction in 1999.

The car was purchased and Dale delivered it a few days later after my wife had left for town to get campground supplies. We parked it a couple hundred feet from the lodge partially concealed behind some trees. But it wasn't long before the caddy was out of the bag...One of the campers casually mentioned to her that he had seen the old car that I had acquired. When I entered the lodge a short time later it seemed extremely cold. And then I caught it. It was devastating. And to make matters worse I said something like..."Look Honey, think of it as if I had found an old girlfriend that needed rehabilitated" She wouldn't speak to me for weeks.

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