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The Lake Mary Ronan    Wilderness Golf Course

A "course" of a different color

  • Our greens are not really greens. They're more like plain ole' grass and weeds that have been cut real short. The cups are three gallon paint buckets with Montana fence posts for pins and there are only a few. We'll add some more holes when we find some more paint buckets.

  • Only 4-wheel drive golf carts are allowed on the greens.

  • Players must promise that if they ever find the greenskeeper they will not inflict bodily harm upon him. Players must also promise to protect the greenskeeper from angry, lost, or injured players.

    Please do not ask for a map of the course. We're not sure how many holes there are. We thought we had 8 or 9, maybe even 10, but we can't find them all. We'll make a map when we do.

  • Don't be alarmed if you see a big hairy man on the course. It's our apprentice greenskeeper. He answers to the name of Bigfoot.

  • Players must bring along camping gear and food just in case they get lost on the course. If a player becomes lost on the course the player must reimburse the Search and Rescue team for their expenses. (So far, no one has had to pay because we've never been able to find the lost players.)

  • Only organic fertilizer is used on this course. These important ingredients are professionally applied by the cattle and other creatures that roam freely upon the course.

  • If your golf ball lands in a cowpie, you get a MULLIGAN. (And if you pick your golf ball out of the cowpie, without a glove on, you get another free stroke.

  • Do not pick up the little black things you may find on the logging trails, greens and other areas. If you do pick one up, do not put it in your mouth. THESE ARE NOT RAISINS!

  • This must really be a nice course because we never have any complaints. However, we have noticed that no one ever comes back.

  • This is probably the worst golf course in the world. This is no joke. This course actually exists. However, if you pay and play the joke's on you.

  • When you play this course, the main reason you take along a club is to protect yourself from the Montana wildlife (four-legged and two-legged.)

  • At the present time, most of the users of this course are gophers, not golfers.

  • This course is so bad we should let you play for free and charge you for the brochure instead.

  • There is only one sand trap in this course and it's believed to be the world's largest. Actually it's an old gravel pit.

  • Management cannot be responsible for lost or injured golfers that stray off the logging roads in search of lost golf balls, clubs, or other golfers.

  • Because of the nature of this course it doesn't require many clubs but it does take a lot of balls. (You can read this rule any way you want to.)

  • Weedeaters are available at the Lodge in case you lose your ball on one of the greens.

  • You can leave your "woods" at home. We have plenty of woods here. In fact, the fairways are logging roads winding through the woods.

  • Eagles and birdies of all kinds inhabit this course. And we do we ever have bogies.

  • Please do not consume alcohol before you get here. You'll need to be completely sober (hic!) to negotiate the rough terrain. However, after you have seen or played our course (we hesitate to use the word "course") you may want to really tie one on. Our lodge will be open just in case.

  • There are no offical Tee Off times here. But we promise you there are times that you will get Teed Off!

  • Visit out NOT SO PRO SHOP where the World's First Worst Golf Course players meet.

  • Just how wild is this course? It is so wild that if we can get the State to change hunting season you'll be able to go golfing and hunting at the same time.

  • Memberships available. The price depends on how much money you want to waste. When you see this course you'll probably want us to pay you to be a member.
A Chip and Go Find It Course.

A cross-country wilderness golf tournament
(over the meadows and through the woods)
Labor Day Weekend

Gene and Greg Garrison
Members PGA
(Professional Golphers Assoc.)
"We really dig this course!"
This web site is much, much nicer than the course.

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